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Harmony Piano Studio

Established in 2008, Harmony Piano Studio (HPS) is a leading music school in Singapore, registered under the MOE.

Our focus on piano music education is reflected in our customized lessons, designed for students of all ages.

At HPS, we prioritize nurturing students’ passion for music and training young talents to become accomplished pianists.

With experienced instructors and a commitment to excellence, HPS provides a supportive and inspiring learning environment for students to achieve their full potential in piano playing.

Harmony Piano Studio

Our teachers



Ms. Yolanda Zou

Founder of Harmony Piano Studio

Master of Music in Piano Education (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)

Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance

Piano, FTCL/LTCL (Trinity College of Music, United Kingdom)

Member of Singapore Music Teacher Association

Teacher Zivana

Teacher Zivana

Teacher Zivana has a First-class Honours Degree in Music Performance from Singapore Raffles Music College – University of West London, and a Master’s degree in Music Performance from the University of Birmingham, UK.

She has performed in concerts and masterclasses in Indonesia, Singapore, and the UK. Zivana is an experienced and dedicated teacher, working with students of all ages.

With a strong understanding of the ABRSM graded exam, she has a remarkable 84% of her students achieving Merit or Distinction.

Ms Tew

Ms Tew

Ms. Tew, an ATCL Piano Teaching major from Trinity College of Music, UK, provides comprehensive piano instruction to students of all ages in group and individual settings.

She creates a respectful learning environment, fostering partnerships with parents and students for success in exams, recitals, and concerts.

With 13 years of experience, all her students pass the ABRSM Exam, with 70% achieving Merit and Distinction. Ms. Tew effectively communicates and connects with both children and adults, offering genuine guidance and support.

Teacher Grace

Teacher Grace

Bachelor degree of Performing Arts and graduated in University of Malaya.

Teacher Grace has acquired 5 years experience in music teaching and she is very dedicated towards her pedagogy.

To her, learning doesn’t have to be dull and boring, hence she will put effort on making her music lessons fun and engaging by telling stories and induce students’ imagination on the pieces that they are about to play so that they can have a better understanding on the musical shaping and expression.

Teacher Connie

Teacher Connie

Teacher Connie holds a Diploma in Music from NAFA and a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from the University of West London.

She has achieved notable success in piano competitions, securing top positions in the YAMAHA International Piano Competition and the Singapore International Music Festival.

Connie is actively involved in piano teaching, where her students consistently excel in ABRSM exams. Her patient and rigorous teaching style inspires students to excel in performance skills.



Ms. Yolanda Zou

Ms. Yolanda Zou

Ms. Yolanda Zou is an accomplished pianist and educator with a Master’s Degree in Piano Education from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance. With over 20 years of experience, she employs various teaching methods and grading systems to nurture students’ passion for music and enhance their performance skills.

At Harmony, Yolanda’s students excel in ABRSM and Trinity piano exams, winning awards and securing admission to renowned music schools. She provides personalized teaching plans, supports DSA piano exams, and assists MEP students in improving their piano performance. Yolanda also trains her teachers, shares teaching techniques, and oversees teaching materials.

Beyond her role as principal, Yolanda occasionally publishes articles on piano teaching and administration, ensuring a love for music and fostering perseverance in every student’s musical journey.