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Harmony Piano Studio offers courses for all ages and skill levels, with experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized instruction.

Join us and take your piano playing to the next level!

Individual Piano Course

5 years old or above

Kids Piano Group Course

3 to 5 years old

Gifted Young Pianist Course

5 years old or above

Adult Piano Group Course

12 years old or above

Music Theory / Aural Course

For all

At Harmony Piano Studio, we take pride in our extensive record of accomplishment, as numerous students under our guidance have consistently attained remarkable scores in piano competitions, piano recitals, and diploma exams.

Our team of dedicated instructors works diligently to provide exceptional training and unwavering support, enabling our students to reach their aspirations.

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Ms. Yolanda Zou

Ms. Yolanda Zou

Ms. Yolanda Zou is an accomplished pianist and educator with a Master’s Degree in Piano Education from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance. With over 20 years of experience, she employs various teaching methods and grading systems to nurture students’ passion for music and enhance their performance skills.

At Harmony, Yolanda’s students excel in ABRSM and Trinity piano exams, winning awards and securing admission to renowned music schools. She provides personalized teaching plans, supports DSA piano exams, and assists MEP students in improving their piano performance. Yolanda also trains her teachers, shares teaching techniques, and oversees teaching materials.

Beyond her role as principal, Yolanda occasionally publishes articles on piano teaching and administration, ensuring a love for music and fostering perseverance in every student’s musical journey.