2022 Piano Competition

2022 piano competition

We are delighted to announce that Pan Yueling, a student from our studio, has achieved the First Prize in the 2022 SIPC (Singapore International Piano Competition). This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to Pan Yueling’s exceptional musical talent, hard work, and dedication. We are pleased to announce that Li Yucheng, a student from our studio, […]

Ms. Yolanda Zou

Ms. Yolanda Zou

Ms. Yolanda Zou is an accomplished pianist and educator with a Master’s Degree in Piano Education from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance. With over 20 years of experience, she employs various teaching methods and grading systems to nurture students’ passion for music and enhance their performance skills.

At Harmony, Yolanda’s students excel in ABRSM and Trinity piano exams, winning awards and securing admission to renowned music schools. She provides personalized teaching plans, supports DSA piano exams, and assists MEP students in improving their piano performance. Yolanda also trains her teachers, shares teaching techniques, and oversees teaching materials.

Beyond her role as principal, Yolanda occasionally publishes articles on piano teaching and administration, ensuring a love for music and fostering perseverance in every student’s musical journey.